Dealership Performance Advertising

Retargeting is a very effective way to keep those undecided consumers thinking about your dealership! If a customer visits your web page while shopping for vehicles and leaves without converting to a lead, but continues on to a different website, when visiting this other site, it is possible for them to see an ad for your page with “website name” Retargeting.

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Dealership Retargeting

Pay Per Click for Dealers

The customer recognizes your brand and then clicks the banner ad and returns to your website. You are retargeting a consumer that showed interest. Retargeting is a process that keeps your brand or offer visible to the customers on all sites they visit while they search the internet. This creates easy access to your dealership for them to revisit and for you to convert them into customers.

Retargeting Benefits

Target Mobile vs Desktop Buyers.

“website name” Custom Retargeting ads have been proven have a higher success rate than regular display ads with more click-through rates and quality conversion rates. Banner ads can be simple or created to be more compelling. You do not want to get to cluttered or overpowering though. The idea is for your ad and brand to be clear, understood and easy to read. Ads can promote special offers, incentives, vehicle highlights or anything you would like to bring attention to.

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Retargeting For Your Dealership

Immediate Results + Transparency

“website name” Retargeting will identify and mark visitors that come to your website through any paid or organic traffic and then provide them with a targeted banner ad while they are searching on other websites. This technique will increase your ROI though your SEO and SEM platforms. Reconnect with those visitors who showed interest in your offerings and got lost in the overwhelming research process with “website name” Retargeting.