Mobile and Responsive Websites

Used Car Dealer Website

Customers today begin their car buying experience by researching vehicles and car dealers online. Because potential customers access your dealership’s website before ever entering your lot it’s crucial to make a solid and lasting first impression with a powerful car dealer web design. To increase a visitor’s overall engagement with your brand, your website must be easy to navigate and possess quality content that is both engaging and informative for both desktop and mobile users.

Used car dealership web design utilizing SEO best practices has become the single most important factor in successfully building dealerships on the web. Keyword optimization is crucial and those sites that act strictly as listing sites in mobile or desktop formats suffer with weaker quality scores and rank lower in Google Search. The desktop version and the mobile version should have the same look, feel and branding impact in order to enhance the user experience which is a Google fundamental essential.

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Custom Built Mobile Responsive Websites

Creating a custom used car dealer web design is extremely beneficial in tailoring your marketing strategy to the needs of your customers. Good car dealer web design has the potential to increase your online presence and attract both new and repeat customers. SEO experts see your website as a highly- tuned and effective keyword repository for high organic (unpaid)ranking in Google search, while shoppers see it as an extension of your dealership which makes design critical to its success. Ideally, websites should function as online showrooms and provide potential customers with necessary information regarding inventory and offers. Effective used car dealer web designs enhance the user experience and build clientele. Your dealership’s website design acts as a direct reflection of your company so cookie cutter websites lead to cookie cutter dealerships and middle of the pack profits…if any. Just as you would not let your showroom fall into disrepair, maintaining a well optimized site is crucial to the success of your company.

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Mobile and Responsive Web Page Design

Mobile Content

Consumers are increasingly going mobile to browse the internet and access online content and without responsive website designs dealers may be missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with customers and make sales. Google places significant emphasis on user experience, which is why they recommend the implementation of responsive website designs. Google has made it clear that any website not configured for smartphone users will suffer in the search rankings. Although businesses can address this issue by creating mobile sites for users, responsive dealership websites leave less room for error and are far more efficient and cost effective.

Mobile and Responsive Websites

Target Mobile vs Desktop Buyers

Mobile sites often contain less content than primary sites and incorrectly redirect users to various pages, creating a subpar experience for mobile users. Faulty redirects negatively affect user experience and will therefore negatively impact a site's Google search rankings. Additionally, faulty redirects and incomplete, poor functioning, and slow performing mobile sites frustrate users, potentially costing your dealership numerous sales. Responsive dealership websites serve content to consumers in an optimal format for the device they are using to view a website, creating a better user experience and allowing dealers to retain more customers and convert more traffic into sales.

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Rise of Technology

The Age of The Smartphone

Customers are no longer simply accessing the internet on PCs, and as tablet and mobile phone browsing continues to rise dealers who fail to implement responsive web designs will undoubtedly suffer. Responsive dealership websites eliminate the need for a separate mobile site with stripped-down content, decreasing the amount of time and money required for dealers to reach prospective buyers and run successful online marketing campaigns. Responsive dealership website designs ensure that your website displays properly and is readable for any site visitor, regardless of the device they are using. Additionally, responsive web design allows dealers to make adjustments or additions to their sites quickly and efficiently.

With responsive car dealer websites that adapt to the way consumers shop for vehicles dealers can create the best customer experience possible. Regardless of the device or operating system your potential customer is using, our responsive dealership websites ensure that your dealership's inventory and content is always optimally displayed to prospective customers.

For dealers looking to reach more customers online, having a website which is accessible through mobile technology is imperative. The ability to expand, contract, and resize images and content based upon the device a visitor is using negates the need for mobile websites, which tend to have completely different content and navigation than non mobile sites. Responsive dealership websites help dealers increase their organic footprint, driving more traffic to their primary website and increasing SERP rankings.